Anonymous sent: do you know about the vocaloid 1 revival group on facebook someone made for you

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Neat.

yamishidesu sent: What Do You Think Of Bruno?

A brother from another mother and Clara is a sister from another mister *winkwink*

Anonymous sent: you know how there's sakura asks flying around? how would you look as a yuki version?

You ask what I would look like a lot so how about you tell me?

Anonymous sent: You know how there's a sakura Miku? How would you look with a sakura design?

Not sure.

Anonymous sent: What would you look like in Matryoshka style, Leon?

Idk anon.

askvocaloidlola sent: It's your fault Sonika is so violent seeing as she has to protect your sorry ass all the time!

Wow rood butt. You’re in charge you do something. I’m just here for emotional support.

Anonymous sent: Zero g plans to retire you, Lola and Miriam. Do you feel bad or something cuz of it?

Shit happens.